Check out this GIANT!

Check out this Giant!

Are you a Whitetail Enthusiast? Do you find yourself daydreaming of massive antlers and gorgeous fall days when the hunting is prime? Is your calendar marked not only with birthdays and holidays but the opening of Deer Season?!  If you have answered yes to any( or perhaps all) of these questions then you have got to own

Bill Kinney’s Trophy Whitetail Deer Calendar!

The “Snickers” buck, taken at 4 yards with a recurve, cedar arrows and a Zwickey broadhead.

Capturing images of Whitetails has been Bills’ passion since 1986. Hunting them has been since 1976!

Back cover from Calendar2015

Back cover of our 2015 calendar. To learn more about our calendar click Here.

Beautiful, majestic bucks grace  each month of our calendar, making you ready to go out and start your own outdoor adventure! Each month a different buck captivates you by doing what Whitetail do best….eluding us! But you can have them captured on your wall each month and seared into your dreams as the “Trophy of a Lifetime” just order one today and don’t forget your hunting buddies because they make great gifts!