About Us

“I’m the boss, and I have my wife’s permission to say so!”    Bill Kinney

When not out bowhunting, fishing, mushroom hunting or shed antler hunting , Chris sends Bill out to photograph wildlife. Often times his photos are used in many of the largest outdoor magazines like Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Deer & Deer Hunting, Petersen’s Bowhunting, and many others. Since 1990 we have published
Bill Kinney’s Trophy Whitetail Deer Calendar.

We use Nikon equipment, both film and digital. In 2006 we switched to complete digital capture, a much better tool for getting sneaky bucks photographed. Our passion is giant whitetail bucks, including management, food plots, aging, bowhunting, observing and filming.

But we moved to Iowa for the schools……

By the way, Iowa schools are great, our kids loved it there! After nine years of hunting and living on  the best whitetail farm I’ve ever been on we sold the farm and headed west. We love the mountains and the abundant outdoor activities. Hiking, fishing, kayaking are the activities that keep us busy until hunting season starts again. The abundant wildlife provides for excitement filled hunts, from screaming elk to river bottom whitetails there is always a great hunt just around the corner.

The whitetail is still king and my cameras make the long trek back to the Midwest each fall to continue the obsession with the whitetail. There is nothing like being in the swamps, the hickory filled draws and the oak ridges awaiting that perfect encounter. It’s a labor of love working to get enough great shots to fill our calendar. Every year brings new and exciting surprises in the deer woods, it’s part of what makes the whitetail so great. Those bucks will surprise you every time, especially when you think you know what to expect!

Check out our calendar and you’ll be able to enjoy our great world of whitetails all year ’round!

Bill Kinney’s Trophy Whitetail Deer Calendar