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Thank You to all of our mutual Whitetail Nuts!

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The 2018 calendar is printed and waiting for you!

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Featuring: Bill Kinney's 2018 Deer Movement Guide: Based on 30 years of field notes, data from state agencies and correlative studies of day length relationships, this guide lets you know if a day is, on average, a good day to whitetail hunt. The guide is conveniently printed right on the calendar for easy access! Moon phases are also included!! The "Player Cards" reveal secrets of the whitetail's world, you'll learn about deer behavior that you've always pondered. Stats include the following about the exact time the buck was photographed: -Moon phase -Temperature, barometer, sky & dewpoint -Wind and time of day of day of photo -Number of points and estimated gross score. A treasure-trove of information!!!

NEW for 2018!!

See some of the most "Boss" bucks ever captured!  


Jaw dropping, mouth watering, wanna go hunting now BUCK FEVER!  

Put them on your BUCK-ET list!  Check them off now!

Mushroom Muncher


Angry Bucks

Boss Hog Bellies

〉 Sub ZERO bucks

Flashy Tails and Tall Tines

Sneaky Snow Bucks

Ruttin' Rotten Scoundrels

...and MORE!

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