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Thank you all you crazy deer hunters!! Have a wonderful 2019 and SHOOT STRAIGHT!

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The 2019 calendar is printed and waiting for you!

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Featuring: Bill Kinney's 2019 Deer Movement Guide: Based on 31 years of field notes, data from state agencies and correlative studies of day length relationships, this guide lets you know if a day is, on average, a good day to whitetail hunt. The guide is conveniently printed right on the calendar for easy access! Moon phases are also included!! The "Player Cards" reveal secrets of the whitetail's world, you'll learn about deer behavior that you've always pondered. Stats include the following about the exact time the buck was photographed: -Moon phase -Temperature, barometer, sky & dewpoint -Wind and time of day of day of photo -Number of points and estimated gross score. A treasure-trove of information!!!

New for 2019:

All new bucks doing all new things, this is probably the best collection of Big Bodied bucks I've had the chance to photograph. It's easy to see that these bucks are all OLD, these aren't young pups. I'd bet that the rut bucks are all over 250#! Pre-rut weights have got to be well into the 220's. Not only are they huge bodied but there are some truly spectacular typicals, probably the best bunch of giant typicals I've been lucky enough to catch pics of. The January buck is spectacular, although he's not a perfect typical he's massive and heavy bodied. I can still feel how horribly cold it was that day!  Every buck that follows him, on each page, is a true example of the grace, class and regal bearing of the majestic Whitetail.  Wait until you see the huge neck on the December buck!!! 

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